5 Board And Batten Siding Style Homes With Cedar Shakes

Board And Batten Siding Style Homes With Cedar Shakes

One of the best ways to add interest to a home’s exterior is to choose materials that vary in terms of texture and color. Some popular design elements include masonry stone, color blocking, and directional dimension. Board and batten siding can complement a wide range of design choices to create a one-of-a-kind exterior that will offer stunning curb appeal.

What Is Board And Batten Siding?

Log cabins enjoy a long and storied history as the principal building style for much of early civilization and homesteading, but logs are heavy to move and cumbersome to build with. Board and batten evolved as a way to use natural wood as a siding material. Board and batten siding is much easier to manage and can be used to cover the internal structure rather than act as the structure itself.

Board and batten siding is created by placing long and wide planks of wood vertically on the exterior walls. The gaps in between the wide boards are then covered with thin pieces of wood, to provide protection against leaks and moisture.

This style of siding can be painted or stained any color to accent the home’s aesthetic. It can be used on the entire building or strategically to create a specific feel or highlight certain architectural features. When used with other materials, like brick, stone, lap siding, and cedar shakes, it creates a dynamic and pleasing exterior.

What Are Cedar Shakes?

Cedar shake tiles are manufactured from cedar trees, leaving a rough face that adds texture and dimension to a roof. Cedar naturally resists rot and damage from insects (which is why it is used for cedar chests to protect clothes and keepsakes), but it isn’t 100% safe from wear and tear and rot that comes from years of moisture and standing up to the elements. Cedar shakes can grow moss, cup when they dry out too quickly after becoming wet, and can form mold and mildew over time. This style of shingles must be replaced every 20 years and is becoming more difficult to install as a result of changing building codes and the risk of fire that increases insurance costs.

This is where composite cedar shake shingles have emerged as an alternative to natural cedar shake. Manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials, composite cedar shakes add the same character without the risks of a natural cedar shake roof. Brava cedar shakes have a 50-year transferable warranty, a Class A fire rating, and the highest resistance rating against hail and storm damage. We offer the only shake that comes in truly variegated and multi toned colors, so you’ll never know the difference!

1. Blending Board and Batten And Cedar Shake With A Touch Of Masonry

Blending Board and Batten And Cedar Shake With A Touch Of Masonry

Vertical board and batten siding calls to mind the Scandinavian architecture that emphasizes clean lines and minimalist designs. Board and batten with cedar shakes and masonry details creates a natural aesthetic grounded in nature that is good for the soul.

2. Mixing Board And Batten With Lap Siding

Mixing Board And Batten With Lap Siding

Horizontal lap siding paired with vertical board and batten siding adds a dimensional aesthetic and elevates the white board siding to a unique and stylish level. Cedar shake across the roof creates cohesion and ties the two different siding directions together.

3. Board And Batten Dormers To Complement Cedar Shake


Dormers are stunning architectural home features that not only add functional space inside the home, but they also add drama and dimension to the exterior. Highlighting this feature with board and batten siding and cedar shakes set against traditional lap siding will ensure that the dormers make a stunning statement.

4. Board And Batten Meets Masonry

Board And Batten Meets Masonry

In a stunning example of using board and batten as an accent rather than the dominant siding choice, this home features stone masonry walls, steps, and walkway. The board and batten accent above the garage is painted a calming green that matches the garage door, entry door, window trim, and roof trim, creating a cohesive look. More dimension is added with the cedar shake shingles that pick up the colors of the masonry stone and complement the green board and batten siding.

5. The Beauty Of Perpendicular Lines

The Beauty Of Perpendicular Lines

It’s hard to overstate the beauty of perpendicular lines. Board and batten siding uses vertical lines to enhance the building height, making it appear taller, while the horizontal lines of cedar shakes make the building seem longer. Together, these perpendicular lines give the building a stunning presence and dramatic curb appeal.

Choose Synthetic Cedar Shakes To Complete The Board And Batten Look

Our environmentally-friendly composite cedar shake roofing features the stunning texture of natural wood thanks to our unique molds that have been cast from hand-split Western Red Cedar shakes and our variegated, multitoned colors. When paired with board and batten siding, they offer a stunning effect that is warm and rustic as well as minimal and clean.

Contact us today to see how our cedar shake shingles can complement your board and batten siding.