Composite Roofing Cost Per Square – How to Calculate

Brava Roof Tile Cost Per Square

When considering what to use for your next roof, it’s important to have an idea as to what the cost might be. Quoting the cost of a new roof is never easy because every roof is different and there are various factors that can affect the cost of the roof. For example, a new construction roof requires less time and resources than a reroof because the new construction doesn’t require a tear-off of the existing roof. When calculating the cost per square of your next Brava Roof, these are some of the things you must consider when calculating the cost of your roof.

Pitch of the roof

  • The pitch of the roof tells you how many inches the roof rises for every foot of depth. For example, a “6/12” pitch means the roof rises 6” for each 12” inward. The pitch of the roof can affect the type of materials used, and the walkability of the roof. Both factors can affect the total cost of the roof.


  • Course spacing or exposure is what you see of each course on the roof. Exposure can vary depending on the style of Brava Roof Tile you choose.

Straight vs. Staggered Coursing

  • Staggered installation gives homes a more distinguished, classic appearance. Straight installation gives homes a more neat and orderly appearance. This look is more popular with modern homes.


  • Flashings should be used around all roof projections, such as walls, chimneys, dormers, parapets, vent pipes, skylights etc. Proven durable flashing materials are copper, tin, lead, galvanized iron and stainless steel.

Underlayment used

  • The underlayment words with the tiles you choose to help protect your home from water infiltration.

Location of the roof

  • The location of the roof and accessibility of the roof can also be a factor involved with the cost. Will the contractor be able to load tiles on the roof easily?

Lifespan of the roof

  • When calculating the cost of your roof you must consider the maintenance and repair costs involved. For example, natural cedar shakes require $500-$1000 per year in maintenance and repair costs. Brava Roof Tile products come with a 50-year warranty and are virtually maintenance free, reducing the long-run cost of your roof.


Brava Roof Tile’s products are considered a premium product and so you can expect the materials for your new roof to costs about twice as much as an asphalt shingle roof. However, depending on the profile Brava’s products may actually be the more cost effective alternative. For example, a customer purchasing Brava’s Select Slate product can expect to pay about half as much as it would cost to purchase real slate.

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