Home Makeovers: The Transformative Power of a New Roof

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The roof of your home is the most important part of your home’s exterior, though you may not think about it much when you purchase your home at first. After all, most homeowners are excited to have the opportunity to purchase their first home, and as long as there’s a supportive roof over their head, they’re usually fine with the choice. However, homeowners tend to feel differently about this when they renovate their roof. Why’s that?

It’s because roofs say a lot about the individuals living under them, and having a say in your roof's appearance gives you the ability to determine what your roof says about you, including the life you live.

How Does Your Lifestyle Relate to Roofing?

Different roofing materials are associated with different lifestyles. Here are some examples:

Mountain Living

Living in the mountains isn't for everyone; you need to be passionate about nature, love cooler weather, and prefer the solitude that mountain living can offer. You most-likely enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, and more.

Therefore, mountain living is all about being closer to nature, which means having a roofing material that is natural-looking. Some of these options include wood shakes or shingles—or slate.

Because roofs made out of these natural materials are typically delicate (wood shakes), expensive (slate), or require a fair amount of maintenance, most individuals who enjoy mountain living use synthetic shake or slate from Brava.

Although the roofing is made out of a synthetic material, which can be created in a variety of different colors, you can establish a natural-looking roof without worry about strength or maintenance.

Plus, the appearance of the synthetic cedar shake creates one thing: you’re comfortable with nature.

Beachfront Living

If you live on the beach, you probably enjoy spending time in, near, or on the water. Why else would you move there? You enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, boating, paddle boating, taking walks on the beach—not to mention, suntanning.

Your home’s exterior should reflect these interests. But depending on where you live, you may need your roof to handle rainy weather, tropical storms, salt-water, and high temperatures.

The most popular roofing option that reflects beachfront lifestyle is barrel clay roofing, mainly because of its durability and Mediterranean appearance. However, traditional clay is expensive and has little flexibility in terms of design.

Brava’s synthetic Spanish barrel tile, on the other hand, looks extremely similar to barrel clay, has cool roofing features, is just as durable as traditional barrel clay tiles, and comes in many different colors.

These benefits allow every beachfront homeowner to establish their own take on the traditional mediterranean roofing style while vividly showing their love for beachfront living.

The Modern Suburban Lifestyle

The suburban lifestyle is arguably the best type of lifestyle to live. It can help you live closer to your friends and mainstream society, and it’s one of the best places to grow your career and start a family.

However, a problem with suburban life is that it can be difficult for individuals to find their own unique identity in a space where people dress, act, and look similar—a place where even the homes appear to have similar structures, foundations, layouts, and roofing materials.

One of the best ways to establish yourself—and your home—is to make your house different from the rest. To do this, your roof needs to add an extra level of sophistication to the area, and Brava’s synthetic slate tile does just that.

Your house will not only look visibly different but will also have a more sustainable, durable, and customized appearance from the rest of your community.

As a result, you will be able to live one of the best types of lifestyles and maintain a sense of self, which can often be difficult to find.

The Right Products Make All the Difference

Your roof can change the entire look of your home and have a transformative effect on how you feel about it. But, to get the most transformative effect, you need the right materials.

Brava Roof Tile's fire and impacted-rated composite roofing offers a worthy solution, with various color options across three tile styles.

The cedar shake, slate, and Spanish barrel clay tiles offer a realistic alternative that's lightweight, durable, and affordable. They have been used in projects nationwide, creating stunning rooftops that completely transform a home.

Build Your Roof with Brava to Transform Your Home and the Love You Have For It

A new roof is a powerful thing. It provides better protection and aesthetics, especially when it is a better fit for your lifestyle. It can completely change how you feel about your home.

You'll have a stronger sense of security and stability as you choose the material that will protect your family and complete the look of your home. It will also help you create a deeper connection with your home you wouldn't have otherwise.

Contact Brava today to learn more about our roofing tiles and try out our visualizer to see how Brava will look on your home.