Choosing a Brava Roof Tile Color for Your New Roof

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Whether it be our synthetic Cedar Shake, Slate, or Clay products, one of the most satisfying parts of working with homeowners is helping them select a color for their new Brava roof. To do that effectively, Brava Roof Tile offers to send out samples of our products in any of our standard colors. However, one of the most frequent comments we hear from homeowners and contractors after they receive their samples (aside from how authentic they look!) is that the colors on the individual pieces look different than they had expected. Brava’s proprietary color process results in each individual piece having a unique variegated color pattern, with virtually no two pieces being identical. Our color process also results in certain pieces having fairly dramatic color changes, which when viewed up close, don’t always resemble the finished product when installed on the roof.

As we often explain to homeowners, one of the main reasons for the difference in the way the materials look is the angle of the roof. If your roof does not have a steep pitch, you see less of the surface of each piece when viewing from ground level. Take for instance this project we completed at the Danforth Chapel for the University of Iowa: for this particular project, the customer selected a custom color blend of gray and green. The individual pieces, when viewed from straight on, showed a noticeable amount of variegation. However, when installed, the roof ended up having a more uniform and natural appearance, with the variegation being less drastic when viewed from ground level.

Another comment we typically receive from homeowners after they receive their samples is that the colors are much “darker” than they had anticipated. As such, we often suggest to customers that they take the samples outdoors and view them in the natural light, and if possible, that they place the samples on the roof. A perfect example of the difference in viewing the products in natural light is evident from photos below of a project where the homeowner selected our “Victorian” blend. The project, located in Birmingham, AL and completed by Authentic Restoration, included installation of our Old World Slate product in our Victorian blend. Our Victorian is a blend of black and green that, when installed, has the appearance of a grayish green slate. . As you can see, viewing the materials in the natural light can make quite a difference!

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