Three Reasons Synthetic Roofing Is Best

Why Consider Installing a Synthetic Roof?

Over the course of shopping and planning for a new home, many buyers may overlook some of the best products on the market. With so much to plan for and choose from, it’s easy to settle on materials used by neighbors and friends, or simply those that you’ve heard of before. One option you really should consider in the build of your home is synthetic roofing.

Unlike natural alternatives that typically include shake, slate, or clay tile roofing, synthetic roofing is sturdier, longer-lasting, and a better overall investment for your home. Read on for three reasons composite roof tiles are changing the way people build their homes.

Better Quality Roofing System

Many homeowners or first-time buyers seeking a classically-styled home will look to slate and shake style roofing systems. While these tiles are undoubtedly classic in design and appearance, they do little else to protect your home and often end up resulting in expensive and unexpected construction costs. Because of their inherent weight, these types of roofing systems often require additional materials and work to safely install. It’s also common for them to arrive damaged, as the brittle material of natural tiles does not lend itself well to being tossed around in the back of a truck, and often can’t even be installed during extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Composite roof tile, another name for synthetic roofing, is quite the opposite on all of these fronts— allowing buyers to install them anytime of year without extra construction costs and without the risk of arriving damaged. Because synthetic roofing is made of durable and flexible composite material, it can survive any harsh conditions or impact that may occur.

Eco-Friendly Roofs

While choosing natural materials for your home might seem like the most Eco-friendly option, that’s far from the case when it comes to roofing. Slate tile and other natural roofing systems often require the further depletion of natural resources found in quarries and clay deposits. These places are further over-exploited due to the pace at which these materials are known to break and require replacement. With synthetic roofing products, you get a roof that’s better quality but also made from 100% recycled material. You can minimize the waste involved in the construction of your home by going with a composite tile roof and you can rest assured that you won’t be replacing it anytime soon.

Roofing Material Built to Last

Natural tile homes are often only as safe as the weather is good. Thankfully with synthetic roofing, you’ll have the peace of mind that your roof isn’t going anywhere, no matter how bad the storm. Backed by a 50-year warranty and performing better than natural alternatives when exposed to wind, water, and fire damage, these roof systems are a far more reliable investment. And don’t worry, choosing the best roof doesn’t mean sacrificing on appearance. In a blind test, most people can’t tell the difference between synthetic and natural, it’ll just be your little secret.