Project Showcase: The Mansions at Lake Ridge Grand Prairie, TX

The Mansions, Texas
Just outside of Dallas, Texas, on the banks of Joe Pool Lake lies a series of homes known simply as "The Mansions." The Texas sun is nothing to sneeze at, and property owners have learned that it is worth exploring your available options concerning roof materials when it comes to protecting their investment. Fortunately, they did not have to go far. The installers chosen for the product, Paradigm Roofing, has been working with the Brava product for five years now. For large developments, especially, Brava is appealing because of the roof tile's lightweight, walkability, and warranty.

Resistant to more than just heat

When thinking of Texas, the image conjured is that of Cowboys riding along wide-open desert and prairie. What doesn't come to mind is the proximity to the Gulf and the storms that swell within. High power winds and dust storms, hailstorms caused by mixing fronts and tropical storms come into the state and wreak havoc on unprepared properties. Knowing that Texas can be as unpredictable as it is beautiful, Paradigm Roofing owner Tony Hall informed the property owner about Brava Roof Tile. The Spanish Barrel tile offers a level of durability that is not matched by competitors, boasts a class 4 impact resistance to ward off hailstorms, and is lighter than traditional barrel tile, making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to install.

Spanish Barrel that stands out

Being so close to the water gives "The Mansions" a particular aesthetic. The roof product needed to be capable of complementing this aesthetic, without overpowering the natural beauty of the surroundings. Brava Roof Tile's vast array of colors and blending methodology was up to the task. Looking at the surrounding area, pointing out which buildings belong to the Mansions group is easy. The color of the Barrel Tile is a vibrant Terra Cotta that gives the lakeside buildings a tropical appeal that blends perfectly with the Spanish influenced architecture of the structures.

Approved, Approved, Approved

Naturally, the owner requested samples of the tiles before making any decisions. Once they got the Brava product in hand, it was a quick decision after a few tests to prove its integrity. One of which included throwing it into a bonfire to test its quality! As it has a Class A fire rating, the tile survived, the owners were impressed, and the order to proceed was given. The entire process, from producing, shipping, and installing the tiles across the 12 buildings, took eight months. The Mansions is just one of the large scale installs made more efficient by Brava Roof Tile. With easy to move materials available in 3 distinct profiles, Brava Roof Tile could be the perfect choice for your next project! To bring the story to life, you can order a sample Shake, Slate, or Spanish Barrel and feel the difference a composite solution brings to your install.