Project Showcase: The Lodges of Sundance Colorado

Lodges of Sundance Mountain Village

The Beauty of Natural Shake, Without The Problems

The Lodges of Sundance are a series of high-end condominiums located in Mountain Village, Colorado. They are nestled high up in the Rocky Mountains. Over the years, the natural cedar shake that topped the buildings had begun to fail, and the property manager Marcy Pickering began researching a longer-lasting alternative online.

That’s when she came across Brava Roof Tile. Marcy’s primary goal was to maintain the beauty of natural shake while reducing maintenance costs. Marcy was also interested in a roof that would last longer and avoid damage from the elements.

Able to Resist the Elements

While the beautiful landscape makes up for it, Mountain Village Colorado sees some harsh weather conditions over the course of a year. Heavy snowbanks piling up, blizzards raging, hail, and intense sunlight with heat around one hundred degrees with no shade, are just a few examples of some of the extreme conditions.

Knowing full well what the roofs would be subject to, Pickering did her research for the most suitable material to replace the existing shake roof. She knew that composite roofing was the way to go for the property and ended up finding Brava Roof Tile online and ordering some shake samples.

Once the samples were in hand, Pickering compared them to competitors and determined Brava’s were the most realistic option available and felt that they were the best in terms of durability.

The Natural Look of Cedar Shake

The cedar shake profile available from Brava is offered in a continually growing number of shades and colors to match any location perfectly. The products are colored entirely through and fade and blend naturally to capture the unique profile offered by natural shake.

The Sundance Lodges chose an “aged” shake for their structures, which is a mixture of browns and greys that matched the previous roof. The realistic coloring allowed them to replace the older shake without adding a new or dramatic change to their distinctive buildings.

Board Approved

Construction projects in the Mountain Village area have to go through an architectural review board to be approved before they can proceed. The sample pieces were submitted to them, and the meeting was attended by both the installer (Armando) and the President of the lodges, Rich Ganley.

After a series of meetings to go over various aspects, including durability, longevity, appearance, and fire rating, it was approved.

Many insurance companies will not pass off on natural shake anymore, even if it is fire treated. Fire has become a big issue in the west and continues to cause millions of dollars of damage to homes each year.

A huge draw of Brava Roof Tile is its ability to mitigate fire risks and having the option to go with a class A rated product was a significant factor leading to the board’s approval of the Brava product.


With approval from the board secured, the project began in late January and was finished in April of 2020. Armando and the team at Pro Services worked closely with Brava throughout the selection and ordering process. “They sent us several loads in semi-trucks in good time. I am very happy with the Brava team. The product was nice to use because it was strong enough to walk on across the roof and was lighter and easier to install than a natural shake.”

The team at Pro Services was selected for the install because of their level of experience and their knowledge of how to install cedar shake, in both the natural as well as the Brava synthetic cedar shake.

The new composite was instantly beneficial as it does not hold any water that comes from the melting snows from winter, it does not experience any curling, and its color will hold up better, even in the strong sunlight of the summer months.