Project Showcase: Southern California Curb Appeal

Ralph B Aspen Shake Front of House

This year thousands of homeowners throughout the United States will look to replace, repair or build with Cedar Shakes. As demand rises, regulations tighten and material cost increase, Brava Roof Tile’s synthetic shake becomes an increasingly desirable alternative.

Project Showcase: Southern California Curb Appeal

This particular customer, in sunny Southern California, had an eye for quality and wanted a durable, long-lasting roof; one that would also upgrade the curb appeal of his home.

In addition, the material needed to be compatible with all solar installation requirements.

After months of research, the homeowner found Brava to be the only company offering a natural looking composite shake, durable enough to handle foot traffic imposed by solar installation and maintenance.

Brava is a great option for any roof, especially for those planning to install solar.

Our materials are easy to install and can be applied in a staggered installation pattern to further mimic the look of natural shake and slate.

Brava Roof Tile’s materials are engineered to prevent moisture absorption, with means, unlike natural cedar, they are not susceptible to moss or mildew and offer a homeowner a beautiful, maintenance free, and durable roof for years to come.

We sincerely thank all parties involved with this project for their commitment to Brava Roof Tile.

We are looking forward to many more projects in 2019. Cheers to a safe and busy year!

Brava Roof Tile