Enhancing the Curb Appeal of Your Ranch Style Home: Colors to Complement a Brown Roof


A ranch style home’s defining characteristic is that it’s a one-story home, but there is more to a ranch home than meets the eye. Popular in suburban neighborhoods, a ranch style home is more than a one-story floor plan. Other characteristics include an open floor plan that combines the living, dining, and kitchen areas, a backyard patio, and attached garage.

This home style is highly customizable and expandable which made it incredibly popular in the 1950s and 60s as people returned home from WWII and wanted to build a home of their own to settle down and raise a family, and they remained popular through the 1970s, creating what we now think of as midcentury style.

While ranch homes largely fell out of style in the 1980s with the return of the two-story and rise of the split-level home, their place in American architecture remains, and many of today’s buyers seek out the one-level living that a ranch home provides.

Ranch homes range in style from a more traditional brick facade with a gable roof or a stone or brick facade with a low or flat-pitched roof that captures midcentury style, to more modern versions that feature vinyl siding in a range of colors. Roofing materials were traditionally cedar shake or asphalt, but for a ranch home style, slate tiles look great as well. Some styles even work well with clay barrel tiles.

White Board And Batten With Brown Cedar Shakes

Exterior paint colors ranch style houses with brown roofs can range from clean and crisp white to dark and brooding black, and anything in between. A white ranch style home with a brown roof creates an appealing contrast. Though the 1950s saw the rise of asphalt shingles, cedar shakes were often used on original ranch homes. Recapturing the original look of a ranch home is now possible with modern materials like composite cedar shakes.

Create A Dark And Dramatic Look

Vertical wood siding stained dark brown is a good ranch style house color that looks good with a brown roof. The stone foundation helps enhance the natural look and feel of the home and paired with brown composite slate roof tiles, it creates a pleasing blend of textures from top to bottom.

Mix Up The Exterior

One of the major draws of ranch style homes is how customizable they are. Ranch style house colors with a light brown roof can include light brick and vivid browns. Paired with white trim and a light brown composite cedar shake roof, this ranch style home is a unique take on the traditional.

Customize The Exterior

Early ranch homes were built en masse in the 1950s and 60s, and many followed much the same blueprint and had many exterior elements in common. Modern ranch homes benefit from a high level of customization. Exterior paint colors for ranch style houses with a dark brown roof can range from light browns and blues to more dramatic jewel tones. Paired with composite slate roofing, ranch homes are as unique as the people that live in them.

Encompass Southern Styles

Homes in the southern U.S. often used traditional clay barrel tiles that could stand up to intense heat and sun exposure. Today’s composite clay barrel tiles capture the southern style but don’t require the maintenance that’s common with the traditional materials.

Single story ranch style house colors with a brown roof can also utilize the adobe whites and other light colors common in southern areas.

Brava Brown Roof Tiles Will Complete The Look Of A Ranch Style Home

Brava’s synthetic Cedar Shakes, Old World Slate, and Spanish Barrel tiles offer options for a ranch style home with a brown roof. Our products are made with recycled materials, are fully recyclable, and come with many benefits over traditional materials.

  • Maintenance free - Our products are made of highly durable composite materials that don’t require any staining or sealing.

  • Comes with a 50-year limited warranty - A 50-year warranty gives peace of mind.

  • Highly durable - Brava roof tiles won’t split, crack, chip, or flake, so you can spend your time enjoying your home without worrying about your roof degrading over time.

  • Realistic look and feel - Our roof tiles are cast from molds and don’t have repetitive patterns, which creates the authentic look of traditional materials but without the downsides.

  • Class A and C fire ratings - Class A and C fire ratings help to ensure safety in the face of a fire.

  • Class 4 impact rating - A Class 4 impact rating helps Brava roof tiles resist impacts, including impacts from hail.

  • Easy installation - Our products don’t require special tools for installation and no additional structural support is needed to support them. We also offer accessories needed to aid in easy installation.

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