Love the Look of Real Cedar But Hate the Durability of Wood? Brava Has the Answer!

Brava Shake Roof Replacement
before and after brava shake roof replacement

We hear it all the time – “I love the look of a cedar shake roof…but I hate the fact that I have to maintain my roof to keep it from falling apart.” This exact problem is one of the reasons that property owners, contractors, and architects are installing Brava Roof Tile’s Cedar Shake product on projects across the United States. The owners of this house chose to install Brava’s Cedar Shake product in our Lake Forest blend to match the existing cedar shake on the addition to their property. Brava’s composite shake roofing product replicates the looks of real hand split cedar without the hassles of maintenance, and without the eventual rotting, cracking and curling that is inevitable with real cedar. Brava’s proprietary formulation of polymers and colorant, combined with its unique coloring and compression molded process, means that Brava’s products offer customers the ability to “have their cake and eat it too” – a beautiful roof that looks just like cedar shake and that lasts a lifetime!

Brava’s Cedar Shake product comes in equal parts 5”, 7”, and 12” widths to mimic the varied look of real cedar. In addition, Brava uses a patented coloring process to ensure that the finished product looks as realistic (or even better) than that of real cedar shake. All of this comes pre-sorted by color and size, making the installation process as seamless as possible for the installer.