Project Showcase: Hail Damaged Roof Replacement

Hail Damaged Roof Replacement
new brava roof

Storm damage to roofs is one of many great concerns for homeowners worldwide. Whether it be wind, hail or monsoon rains, homeowners are constantly on defense against the elements. Homeowners need a product they can trust to protect their most valuable asset; their home. In this case, a combination of all three natural forces combined to destroy an already aging roof in Corrales, NM.

As is common in the high desert, annual storms brought destruction. Golf ball sized hail beat down on the roof causing punctures, leading to sever water leaks. This scenario was one the homeowners were familiar with, driving them to decide enough was enough. This is what led them to choose Brava Cedar Shake. Our Class 4 impact rating coupled with our Miami Dade approval, ensured they had found a product which would not let them down. By choosing the color Aspen, they were able to closely match the look of the existing roof allowing them to keep the same beautiful look and style they had enjoyed for years.

Our product coupled with a well- done installation allows the homeowners to rest easy knowing their home is protected. As we know a great roof starts with a great installer! Contact us today to learn more about more about this job as well as about our other beautiful product lines. Let us help protect your greatest investment! *For more information please contact us here.