Curves that Inspire: 5 Stunning Curved Roof Design Ideas


Curved roofs are a unique alternative to the more common straight roof lines that can create a sense of playfulness and whimsy in home design. In early home designs, curved roofs were formed by bending the branches that served as the roof. With modern roofing materials, curved roof construction is a little more difficult, but may be worth it to achieve the right aesthetic.

Benefits Of Using Composite Roof Tiles On A Curved Roof

Composite roof tiles are the perfect material to bring curved roof ideas to life. They offer many benefits over traditional materials and can last more than 50 years.

No Maintenance

Traditional materials like clay, slate, and cedar require substantial maintenance over the course of their life. They should be inspected and repaired annually to ensure tiles aren’t cracked or warped. Composite tiles are maintenance-free other than periodic cleaning and debris removal.

Highly Durable

Traditional materials can last a long time if properly maintained, but they are susceptible to damage from impacts like hail or falling branches. They also tend to crack, warp, flake, and spall over time. Composite tiles are highly durable and are crack and split resistant.

Retain Their Color

Natural materials will weather and fade over time which can create a beautiful natural look, but if roof tiles need to be replaced, it can be difficult to match the weathered color, which draws attention to the areas that have been repaired. Brava composite tiles use the most advanced UV protection, which makes them fade resistant, so in the unlikely event that some need to be replaced, they can simply be replaced without drawing attention to repairs on the roof.


Natural slate and clay tiles are extremely heavy and may require added structural support to hold their weight. Our composite tiles capture the look of natural materials, but they are lightweight, which makes them easier to transport and work with.

Fully Sustainable

One of the draws of using natural materials is their sustainability. Brava uses recycled materials in all of our products and our tiles are fully recyclable. We work hard to keep used building materials out of landfills and are committed to protecting the Earth in addition to your home.

Curved Roof Design Ideas

1. Create Storybook Turrets

This home incorporates turrets in three different places around the house. These circular rooms with a towering curved roofline create a whimsical, storybook feel. Composite Old World Slate tiles in Atlantic provide the ability to construct a completely curved roof that tapers as it rises, while also offering superior protection against the elements as well as a warranty, for added peace of mind.

2. Do The Unexpected

This concave curved roof adds a surprising element to this home’s design. Topping a tower, the roof curves inward and Old World Slate tiles in Atlantic handle the challenge with ease. Our slate tiles are available in a range of colors that are created with natural minerals for a natural look with non-repetitive patterns.

3. Keep A Low Profile

Some turret room roofs incorporate a towering roofline to highlight the tower. In this design, the low profile roofline subtly incorporates the turret roofs into the overall design. The design is further enhanced by multiple ridges that help to form the curve and add an interesting element. Spanish Barrel Tiles in Black Brown Blend enhance the Mediterranean style of this home and perfectly complement the brown stucco walls.

4. Accent The Curved Roof With A Different Material

Curved roofs can be the entire roof or it can be used in targeted spaces. Curved windows that project above the roofline can stand out when the roof over them is a different material from the rest of the roof. This creates a stunning focal point and adds interest to the roof. The copper roof over these curved windows is a beautiful contrast to the Onyx Old World Slate roof.

5. Create A Cozy Cottage

Certain design elements, like cedar shake shingles, eyebrow windows, and shutters can turn a home into a cozy cottage. Composite Cedar Shakes can handle the curved roof of an eyebrow window or the roof of a turret room, and using natural materials makes the home feel like it could have grown, rather than been built in the space.

Choose Brava’s Composite Roof Tiles For Your Curved Roof Design

Brava’s stunning composite roof tile options will allow you to create a beautiful curved roof without compromising on aesthetics. Composite tiles are sustainable and recyclable, and we use our patented unique coloring process to ensure that no two tiles are alike. This creates the natural color variation found in natural materials and will give the roof an authentic look.

Contact the experts at Brava today to design and plan your curved roof project!