11 Brown Roof Tile Home Designs

Choosing the proper color palette for the exterior of your home requires careful thought. Every element of color immediately surrounding your home as well as the siding and roofing tile need to work together for the optimum impact. Considering that the roof of a single-story home can easily take up as much visual space as the rest of the exterior of the house, the roof tile color may be the most important selection you will make. The color of the siding you’ve selected will need to blend with the roof color or contrast with it in an agreeable fashion. The landscaping in the yard will have a bearing on the final color choices as well. One factor that is often forgotten is the style or design of the home. Some home designs lend themselves to darker colors while other styles show best in light to medium shades. Let’s consider how these 11 homes utilize brown roof tiles to appeal to the viewer’s good taste:

1. Colonial Lake House With Brown Roof

Colonial Lake House With Brown Roof Tiles

This 2 story Colonial lake house with medium-dark blue siding and brown roof is a simple design but has many architectural features that keeps your eye moving across the multi-angled roofline down to the deck. The focus of this home design is the view from the rear of the home - a view that is to be enjoyed from the inside of the home in front of the huge wall of glass, or from the outside on the spacious deck. The medium brown roof tile provides a strong, but quiet background that allows the rest of the home’s features to be highlighted.

2. Classic Cape Cod Plus Dormers

Classic Cape Cod Plus Dormers

The classic Cape Cod style is known for its cedar shake roof and either wood lap siding or wood shake siding. This home features a synthetic cedar shake roof in its natural shade of light brown against a white lap siding and board and batten gable. The brown synthetic cedar shake tile has a naturally rough texture that contrasts perfectly with the smooth wood siding. The landscaping is simple and the design of the home complements it well.

3. Beautiful Mediterranean Style Home Under Synthetic Barrel Tiles

Beautiful Mediterranean Style Home Under Synthetic Barrel Tiles

Mediterranean designs tend to be a combination of light-colored stucco with orange or red roofing. However, this home proves that a combination of tan stucco, brown natural stone, and a dark brown synthetic Spanish barrel tile roof work together perfectly to bring out the elegance and charm of this country Villa. The synthetic roof tile mimics natural brown clay tile, but it is much more resilient and less expensive to install.

4. Elegant Victorian With Tan Roof

Elegant Victorian With Tan Roof

The Victorian style of architecture is noted for the turret at one corner of the home. In its original usage, the turret was the location of the guard that protected the home. Today, it is simply a point of interest in what would be an otherwise 2-story farmhouse. This home features a light brown roof tile that is a perfect match for the sage green siding and yellow trim. Another neat feature of this home is the exterior door on the second floor. Much like the turret that is still used for its interest rather than function, the 2nd story door gives the illusion that there is more area to walk on the roof. The high-pitched roof of this design will showcase the brown roof regardless of the tile shape.

5. Mid-Century Modern Design With Low Pitched Roofline

Mid-Century Modern Design With Low Pitched Roofline

This unique home design is part of the mid-century modern collection which is known for its long, shallow-pitched roof. This style often features a great deal of glass but this rendition of the design would be at home in the deep south where brick and stone are cheap and more readily available. The brown roof provides a dark border that defines the edge of the home and the understated palette of plain white walls. The double entry doors are the focal point of this home with their bright yellow color and slanted design. The roof would look good with a brown synthetic barrel tile adding some lift to the front elevation.

6. Mountain Hunting Lodge Showing Double Pitch Roof

Mountain Hunting Lodge Showing Double Pitch Roof

If there were a picture dictionary of hunting lodges, this home would certainly be in it. The stand-out elements of this design are the strong wood and stone features at the entrance and the high roof covered with synthetic cedar shakes or synthetic slate tiles with a gray-brown hue. The double-pitched roof at the entrance creates a feeling of grandeur, while the bay window and dormers add to the complexity of the design. Using synthetic roofing tiles allows the flexibility to add brown color that would not be available in natural products.

7. Barndominium Beneath Synthetic Shake Roof Tiles

Barndominium Beneath Synthetic Shake Roof Tiles

Everyone has heard of a condominium, but how about a barndominium? This creation combines the modern look of plain walls and windows and longer roof planes with an entrance that gives the sensation of entering a beautiful horse barn. The synthetic brown slate roof tiles add texture to an otherwise smooth exterior design. The vertical wood siding adds movement to this building by drawing your eye upwards towards the brown slate roof which then directs your eye back down again.

8. Gambrell Roof Covered By Synthetic Cedar Shakes

Gambrell Roof Covered By Synthetic Cedar Shakes

This oceanfront home with brown synthetic cedar shakes and a matching 3-car garage is a stately example of the Gambrel roof design that dates back to the 1600s in America. This silvery brown roof gives the impression of the aging that naturally happens to cedar shake shingles and the texture of the synthetic shake is a great complement to the brick and lap siding that gives this house its allure.

9. Stone Front Woodland Cottage With Brown Shake Roof

Stone Front Woodland Cottage With Brown Shake Roof

This comfortable and cozy cottage with a dark brown synthetic cedar shake roof tile and a natural stone facade is perfectly at home in the woods. The slate walkway grabs some color from the roof to tie the house to it. The large fixed glass windows open up the home to the outdoors and the landscaping adds a contrast of green to the overall brown and tan look of the home.

10. Stately Brick One Story Boasting Large Hip Roof

A large brown synthetic shake roof covers this brick home that could be found in many upscale neighborhoods across America. The composite roof tiles highlight the different shades of color that are naturally occurring in cedar shakes and these synthetic shakes are made in a variety of sizes to perfectly imitate the texture found in hand-cut cedar roof tiles. The look of soft brown wood on the roof accents the hard brick and creates an inviting atmosphere under the large overhanging porches.

11. Southern Style Home Including Spacious Front Porch

Southern Style Home Including Spacious Front Porch

The magnificent porch with large white columns is at home with the red brick walls and brown roof on this classic southern-style home. This grand design would be elegant with a synthetic slate roof or a synthetic cedar roof, either of which would complement the large bay window and dormer. The natural stone below the brick adds visual interest without taking away from the porch or beautiful white overhang and ornate trim.

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