Choosing the Best Time of Year for Roof Replacement


Replacing your roof is a big job and there are many considerations including cost and materials choices that can often leave homeowners wondering: When is the best time to replace a roof?

The best time to get a roof replaced depends on a number of factors, including roofing contractor availability, timing, and climate.

Factors That Affect The Best Time To Replace A Roof

Contractor Availability

Unfortunately, the best time of year to replace a roof is the same for everyone in your area. This means that roofing companies typically get very busy in the late spring and into summer. If you know that the best time to replace roof shingles is coming up, it won’t hurt to call and schedule the work as early as possible.

Region And Climate Considerations

The region you live in will play a large role in determining what time of year is best to replace a roof. Areas that have year round sun exposure, like southern states and parts of California, the window for the best time of the year to replace a roof is much larger than areas that experience high levels of rainfall and lots of snow. If you’ve just moved into an area and need to replace a roof, it may be best to ask around and call some local roofing companies to get suggestions for the best time to replace your roof.


While a roof can be replaced in the fall, and in fact, may offer the best weather where you live, snow can be unpredictable. If you decide that fall is the best time to replace roof shingles or repair the roof, make sure you’ve given yourself enough time before the first snowfall. Another tendency is to want to tackle a roof replacement first thing in the spring when the weather warms up. The spring season can often bring unpredictable rain too. Consider the projected forecasts when scheduling a roof replacement and try to give yourself a buffer between early spring rains and when you can schedule the replacement.

Other Considerations For The Best Time To Have A Roof Replaced


A roofing project can be costly, so being financially prepared is essential to a successful project. Understanding the lifespan of your roof — or if you’ve just moved in, knowing when the roof was last replaced — will help you plan for the eventual expense of replacement. Once you know when the roof should be replaced, you can start a fund where you save each month from now until the time the work will need to be done.


Having a roof replaced means that your life will likely be disrupted for a period of time, if only because there will be roofers hammering on your roof. Trucks carrying materials will need to be on the property, there will be ladders to avoid, and more noise than you may be used to, which can be inconvenient and distracting. Mentally preparing for these types of disruptions is also essential to determining the best time to have the roof replaced.

Your Schedule

It’s typically not necessary to be present during a roof replacement, but some homeowners feel more comfortable being home when the work is being done, while others prefer to be gone. Make sure to take this into consideration when you’re scheduling a roof replacement.

Choose Brava Roof Tiles When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

Brava synthetic roof tiles are an upgrade from the commonly used asphalt roof shingles. Unlike asphalt shingles that only last 15 to 20 years, our Cedar Shake, Old World Slate, and Spanish Barrel Tiles come with a 50-year warranty and also have benefits over the traditional materials.

Traditional roofing materials like natural slate, cedar shake, and clay barrel tiles look beautiful and have proven that they can stand the test of time. They also need frequent maintenance and because they weather naturally, it’s difficult to match roof tiles when damaged tiles need to be replaced.

Brava roof tiles are maintenance-free and are the best choice for when it’s the best time to replace a roof.

Our products honor the historic craftsmanship of materials that were traditionally created by hand by using authentic molds and natural minerals to ensure our products look as authentic as possible. They are lightweight and strong, thanks to our state-of-the-art compression molding technology, which gives them unparalleled strength and makes them the perfect choice for a roof replacement project.

Contact the experts at Brava today to determine the best time to replace your roof and to discuss the best Brava roofing tiles for the job!