6 Spanish Style Home Roof Design Ideas

The Spanish roof design has been around for hundreds of years and is still as enchanting today as ever. What makes a roof “Spanish style”? It’s the rounded clay tiles. The barrel tile is the most popular roof material in that genre of architecture and it adds dimension and texture to a roof that is unattainable with any other flat roofing material. Spanish style has been popular in the south and southwest for years, but is gaining popularity across the countryside. Here are 6 examples that can help you decide on the best roof design for your home.

1. Aged Mission

When most people think about Mission or Mission Revival architecture, the first thing that comes to mind is Spanish or Mediterranean style homes. Plaster walls, dark windows and clay barrel tiles on a high pitched hip roof make this simple design elegant and charming. This particular style of home was developed based on the weather that was prevalent in that part of the world. Masonry stucco is an excellent exterior finish for hot and humid climates and the clay barrel tiles provide an energy efficient way to release the absorbed heat while adding texture and interest to the home. The drive through portico is typical of a villa, offering a welcoming entrance but providing privacy and intrigue by keeping the rest of the property hidden from view.

2. French Clay

Traditional French country homes bring the grand look of European design to modern architecture. A French cottage will typically have a stone, brick, or stucco exterior and each of these make the perfect backdrop for another European design element - the Spanish style barrel tile roof. Recent technology provides the option of custom colors when a composite synthetic roof tile is used.

3. New Age Terracotta

A New Age Terracotta design puts a modern spin on this home with a custom color Spanish style tile roof. The dark hip roof coupled with the arched porticos and stucco finish, bring the look of Mission Revival into the 21st century. Another notable design element of the Spanish style is the roof tiles that cover the ridges. They serve to outline the roof, separating it from the grand design of the home and making it a centerpiece by itself.

4. Autumn

At first glance, you know that it is a barrel or “S” tile roof, but the color scheme is unusual, making you take a second look. A Spanish style roof does not have to be solid red or solid orange. In fact, with the color technology developed by companies like Brava Roof Tile, you have almost unlimited options. Choose solid custom colors or mixed color blends. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.

5. Black-Brown Blend

This beautiful stucco-finished home boasts arched entryways and an outdoor kitchen with a covered pergola. However, the standout features are the turret with a circular metal roof that perfectly matches the expansive dark Spanish roof tiles covering a large hip roof and bay window. The black-brown blended colors of the roof tiles help to ground the home that seems to be floating in a sea of green grass.

6. Onyx

This modern rendition of a prow-front rambler offers something very unusual. Typically a mountain design with a wood siding exterior, the stucco finish and dark black Spanish roof tiles make this a showcase home regardless of its setting. In cooler climates, the warmth added to the roof from the black roof tiles will be a welcome treat in the winter.

Brava’s Synthetic Spanish Barrel Tile Options Are One Of A Kind

The barrel roof tiles displayed in this article could all be produced by our company. In fact, we are the only synthetic roof tile company to offer a pure white barrel tile. The competition can provide the standard red and orange tiles and a few solid colors, but Brava Roof Tile can produce your Spanish roof tiles in almost any solid or mixed color. Color options are not the only reason to consider Brava for your synthetic roofing needs:

  • We offer a 50-year limited warranty
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  • No need for extra support in roof structure - our tiles are lightweight
  • Almost zero maintenance required
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