Homeowners Choose Brava Shake to Replace Storm Damaged Roof

brava synthetic cedar shake

Located in one of the most prestigious areas of Alabama, this Mountain Brook home sustained some severe storm damage to its cedar shake roof. The homeowners worked with our preferred Birmingham roofing company Authentic Restoration and their insurance company to get the approval for a complete roof replacement. The claim was approved except for the flat roof dormer in the rear of the home which had newer asphalt shingles.

The cedar shake shingles on this home were in rough shape. Cedar shake roofing has been a popular roofing choice for centuries. With that said, there have been little to no improvement to cedar shake, other than its manufacturing process. Homes that are covered by cedar shake depend on layers of felt to help shed water. That’s why Authentic Restoration presented Brava Shake as a roof replacement option. Brava Shake composite shingles capture the stunning aesthetics of real cedar shake, but offers a lighter weight roofing solution that is far more durable, and will last much longer.

Brava Shake Roof Replacement

This Mountain Brook, AL home required 44 squares of Brava Shake. When the original roof was removed, wooden slates were found. It turned out the entire roof was once re-decked with new roofing materials that complied with local building codes. This provided Authentic Restoration with a quality nailable surface to install Brava Shake. The homeowner also opted for ice and water shields and a high-quality synthetic felt to provide the ultimate leak-proof roofing system.

The installation results were absolutely stunning. According to Mark Craney, owner at Authentic Restoration, “the homeowners were ecstatic with their new Brava Shake Tile.” If you live in Alabama and are interested in learning more about Brava Roof Tile, contact Authentic Restoration.


How the Educated Customer Selects a New Roof

At times, in the industry, you hear the term ‘educated customer’ kicked around in regards to homeowners who know a thing or two about roofing. Some contractors go as far as avoiding these customers in favor of opportunities where they are the only subject matter experts. You tend to find these customers in hail belts and in areas with stringent natural climates, like the Colorado Rocky Mountains, that require a higher quality of roofing material. These educated homeowners always hold contractors and manufacturers to a higher standard in all facets of a roofing project from performance through aesthetics, and rightfully so.

At Brava we look forward to working these customers because as they dive deeper into the industry it reaffirms why our composite roofing material is a smart investment as opposed to asphalt, metal, cedar and other natural roofing alternatives.

“My reroof job was small by many standards (only 25 square) but it consisted of many complex pitches, slopes and even castle turrets. Plus it is located in an extremely hostile environment. Only Brava was able to meet the requirements of our county plus the aesthetic look we wanted.”

– Bill B.

Bill and Patti B. were on a different level of ‘educated customer’ and should be very proud to earn this moniker. As a career engineer, Bill needed to find a roofing material for his dream cabin up in the forest of Blackhawk Colorado that would catch Patti’s keen eye for style. Blackhawk is exposed to some serious elements, to say the least. The town is perched atop 8,500 ft. of elevation, encounters 110+ MPH winds and is located in the San Juan National Forest which constantly holds the risk of forest fires. Accordingly, the Bill and Patti set out to find a Class A fire rated roofing material that could withstand high elevation UV and be installed to mitigate high winds. As an armature pyro…technician, Bill even took his personal blow torch to several roofing options to see which would perform the best!

” After spending more than a year researching and testing various products under different conditions and perhaps most importantly getting to know the people at the synthetic shake shingle manufacturers, I chose Brava. They produce an exceptional product and stand behind it.”

We are proud to report that Bill and Patti landed on Brava Shakes (class A) as the best option for their project! This rustic hideaway was their lifelong dream for retirement. Nothing is more satisfying as a roofing manufacturer then to work with Educated Customers, like Bill and Patti, and build perfect roofing solutions to cover uniquely beautiful homes.

Choosing a Brava Roof Tile Color for Your New Roof

Whether it be our synthetic Cedar Shake, Slate, or Clay products, one of the most satisfying parts of working with homeowners is helping them select a color for their new Brava roof. To do that effectively, Brava Roof Tile offers to send out samples of our products in any of our standard colors. However, one of the most frequent comments we hear from homeowners and contractors after they receive their samples (aside from how authentic they look!) is that the colors on the individual pieces look different than they had expected. Brava’s proprietary color process results in each individual piece having a unique variegated color pattern, with virtually no two pieces being identical. Our color process also results in certain pieces having fairly dramatic color changes, which when viewed up close, don’t always resemble the finished product when installed on the roof.

As we often explain to homeowners, one of the main reasons for the difference in the way the materials look is the angle of the roof. If your roof does not have a steep pitch, you see less of the surface of each piece when viewing from ground level. Take for instance this project we completed at the Danforth Chapel for the University of Iowa: for this particular project, the customer selected a custom color blend of gray and green. The individual pieces, when viewed from straight on, showed a noticeable amount of variegation. However, when installed, the roof ended up having a more uniform and natural appearance, with the variegation being less drastic when viewed from ground level.

Another comment we typically receive from homeowners after they receive their samples is that the colors are much “darker” than they had anticipated. As such, we often suggest to customers that they take the samples outdoors and view them in the natural light, and if possible, that they place the samples on the roof. A perfect example of the difference in viewing the products in natural light is evident from photos below of a project where the homeowner selected our “Victorian” blend. The project, located in Birmingham, AL and completed by Authentic Restoration, included installation of our Old World Slate product in our Victorian blend. Our Victorian is a blend of black and green that, when installed, has the appearance of a grayish green slate. . As you can see, viewing the materials in the natural light can make quite a difference!

Contact us today to receive see a sample and decide for yourself!

Koma Kulshan Ranger Station Roof Replacement

Koma Kulshan is a fine example of our company’s commitment to heritage conservation. Koma Kulshan is the Native-American name for Mount Baker in Washington State, and the Koma Kulshan Ranger Station is in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. After the site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991, greater attention was paid to the maintenance. Brava composite roofing product was the ideal choice for a recent renovation project.

View project details here: Koma Kulshan

historic koma kulshan cedar shake roof replacement
Historic Koma Kulshan cedar shake roof replacement

About The Koma Kulshan

The Ranger Station was first established in the 1930s. The site was cleared and the original buildings erected by men in the Civilian Conservation Corps, a New Deal work program for single, unemployed men. The first site plan shows six buildings, and later reports suggested that the steep roofs with exposed rafter tails, and the large overhangs on the eaves, were considered to be significant architectural features. The challenge on any heritage site is to renovate the historic buildings with robust modern materials, while maintaining the original design and visual appeal. Enter Brava!

Brava Composite Cedar Shake Shingles

The three most significant heritage buildings now carry Brava “Aged Cedar“ synthetic shake shingles, which replicate the color and texture of the original split wood shake roofing. The two-story Residence Building was erected to provide housing for forestry staff and visitors to the park. The Forest Roads and Trails Building and the Equipment Storage Building, each with unique roofing features, also received Brava composite shingles in the same color. The three smaller structures do not require roofing, but new shingles on the three main buildings add significantly to the conservation and aesthetics of the Ranger Station.

In 2014, a study was completed by the University of Washington, resulting in a new Historic Properties Management Plan for the site. The plan reviews the condition of every building, including structural features such as windows and doors, inside furnishings such as cupboards and wall coverings, and landscaping features such as markers and signage. The recommendations point to the need for many repairs and upgrades, but the report makes it clear that the roofs have already been cared for.

The composite cedar shake shingles that were installed at the Koma Kulshan Ranger Station are manufactured to last 50 years. They are made of recycled materials and, at the end of their life, they themselves can be recycled. But in this project, strength and sustainability are only part of this story. The appearance of the Brava shake shingles help to maintain the integrity of this historic site, while ensuring that the buildings will be well preserved for future visitors.


New Cedar Shake Color: Aspen

brava shake shingles aspen colorBrava Roof Tile is pleased to introduce one of its newest Cedar Shake colors – Aspen. The Aspen color is a result of our collaboration with Cedar Roofing Company (Lake Forest, IL) and our joint efforts to develop synthetic cedar shake product that had the authentic look of a 10-15-year-old premium wood shake shingles.

The Need for Aged Cedar Shake Colors

The process started with a discussion of the aging process of real cedar, and the desire of many homeowners to maintain a natural & consistent look throughout the life of their roof. From there we made a number of color samples (and trips to Cedar Roofing Company’s Chicago-land office!) to compare the samples to real cedar roof tile. If you are thinking about replacing your roof, check out these tips for picking the perfect roof tile color for you home.

The Results

The hard work paid off as we are proud to now offer our composite cedar shake roof product in the color “Aspen.”